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Writer's Block: Mother Monster returns

In three words, how would you describe Lady Gaga?

sad, searching, misleading others

1 Peter 1:16

"Be holy because I am holy"

I wonder sometimes why folks that say they are Christians put such a worldly banner over their heads... (or maybe they are not Christians at all)  Let's take a look

Banners like:
"i watch Glee because the music is so good"
" i love Modern Family, it's just so real"
"i just cant do that, it's not me"
"i've always been this way"
"i can't help myself"
"my parents were just like this"
"it's okay, it's just a movie, it's not real"
"Witchcraft is not real, it's just hollywood stuff"
"sex is just for fun, don't take it all so seriously"
"if it feels right, then it is right for me.  We are going to get married ya'know"
"i can do what i want as long as no one else is getting hurt"
"if no one knows, then it is okay"
"there really isn't such a thing as hell"
"God is just mean if he doesn't want me to have fun"
"my horoscope is right on.. i dont need to read the Bible"

and on and on.... Why would someone lie to themself and want to believe a lie rather than follow the truth...................?????????????

The real truth and the whole truth is found in the Holy Bible....I'm not talking a religious denomination, and certainly not talking do's and don'ts.... I'm talking about real freedom in Christ...a relationship separated from the world system for the use of God.....................

If you want to ask me questions, i'd be happy to point you to some specific places where you can find the truth as it relates to your specific need.

Writer's Block: Copy and paste

How would you react if you found out someone plagiarized your work and published it?

I would react just like if someone had stolen anything else i had, i would ask for it back if that could not be done, i would ask for proper credit and any compensation due... if that didn't work... i think i would have to take them to court to pursue legal / civil action.

No stealy stealy zone

Well, i've been reading a lot on the Master Cleanser. I've have for the past 10 years been a great fan of healthy eating and keeping the boxed, prepared foods far from my house, and for the past 6 years been committed to eating as much organic live food & humanely raised beef, chicken, turkey, and non GMO foods as possible and as can be afforded by my pocketbook. I've done the juice fasts, the water fasts and the herb cleanses. I've read, it seems, every online article about losing the "belly fat" and living fit and active over 40 (but will never divulge my age). I've purchased books by some of the most popular and well known health guru's as well as books by M D’s, Nutritionists, Internists, Hollywood’s prettiest and smartest and the not so well known. While much of the information has been helpful, some of what I have read has only helped in confusing the matter even further in my already busy brain of what to cook, what to eat, what to drink and not drink and in what order and in what quantities. After I purchased and read The Master Cleanse, By Stanley Burroughs, i am compelled to further treat my body to a full Detoxifying along with the oral cleansing that is suggested by the author. 

I thought it would be fun to chronicle my days experience with Master Cleansing (MC) 

Day 1:

I didn’t start like many people do, first thing in the morning; in fact I didn’t even convince myself until I had a full breakfast (1 egg, 1 slice cheese, 2 slices of smoked turkey 2 slices whole grain/organic bread with real / organic butter and 6 oz organic garden vegetable juice – Trader Joes’ brand of V-8). I had to make sure that I was doing all I could to talk myself out of this complete fast from all foods and liquids other than this Master Cleanse “Lemonade”. I’m an avid coffee drinker and I seriously don’t look forward to the caffeine withdrawal headaches with no potential for pain relief. UGH someone pinch me please. More online research just to make sure this was in fact healthy and off I go to the kitchen to make my first drink.

10oz Filtered water only

2 TBLS freshly squeezed organic lemon

2 TBLS Grade B or C organic maple Syrup

1/10 Tsp cayenne pepper

This is the recipe to my wonderful drink that will become my best friend for the next 10 days. Stop in and leave me an encouraging word or two during my journey. I’m going to post some pictures of me during this time. I think it will be fun.

BTW , and for my own protection, I must make this DISCLOSURE: I am not a physician, and I do not recommend or advocate any diet or cleansing or detoxifying product. Anyone who begins any cleansing, detox or diet process after reading my blog and without first talking to their own physician does so by their own decision. I am not trying to persuade anyone to do anything; this blog is simply my way of chronicling my personal journey.  Any claims that I may make are my personal opinion and have nothing to do with the success or failure of the Master Cleans nor to any of their claims.  Please do your own research; it is the most invaluable tool. You may want to start here: www.mastercleanser.com

I've been pretty polite to myself and described myself as Titianesque or curvaceous, but the unfiltered truth is that i eat more than i need and don't exercise as much as i need, the end result is over weight and larger measurements than i would like, one of the many reason's i decided to do the MC.  So i figured in order to keep myself accountable, i would do the unthinkable and post my weight and measurements.  So when i get around to it tomorrow, i'll do just that and post them on Day 1. 

Weight and Body Measurements to Follow:

Ranting from a mom and wife that cares

“HERO’S”, “Desperate Housewives””NCI – This & NCI That”

When is it okay to set our moral compass down for a moment of irresponsible viewing? Why is it okay to watch someone else lust over money, power and the flesh; covet their neighbor’s whatever, hate, murder, details of their selfish ambition that rivals the latest gossip magazine, greed, gluttony and some of the most ungodly behavior of almost any flavor?
Is this what the American viewing audience (which includes Christians) is teaching their own children, by sitting down with them to do what… have an avenue to teach a lesson?
When is it time to say NO, even if you must say it and stand alone? There is something resonating deep within me that can’t imagine God “winking” at our sin, our desire to look upon the “evil thing” and lust for more. When you pull out all the support words, embellishments and justifications and let this sit on a hill all by itself, it is sin. And sin is sin, no matter how we color it, or decorate it or flat screen it and HD it or 3-D it or Cable it or Satellite it. When television programming is used to promote the basest of human action it is something we need to take a stand against, not bow down and protect.

Hero’s is not heroic, Desperate Housewives do not have characters that I want modeled for me or my daughter, and the latest greatest NCSI or NCI (fill in the blank) cannot teach me, my family or anyone I know the deep virtues of Love, Peace and Joy, things that can only be learned in face to face communication with those we love and in loving service to our fellow man.

If I could have my way, and I could be “Bruce Almighty” for one day,,, I would eliminate T.V.’s for 30 days. I believe that life would be much different for many people: Go with me in your mind and think about these things:

...Mom’s and Dad’s would talk with their kids rather than stick in another DVD for them to watch. They may actually have time to get involved in their lives and kids might just start opening up to their parents if they believed (by actions) that the parents actually gave the time to care.
...Husbands would stop comparing their wives with the latest snipped and clipped, botox’d airbrushed Hollywood actress.
...Wives would stop comparing Erica Cane’s latest flame to their husband and begin learning together what romance means to them as a couple.
...Families would again begin talking to one another and enjoying life together, instead of being provoked to work harder for the money to buy “JR” the most updated techno – gizmo.
...Kids would begin understanding that moms and dads are not perfect and that we try hard, but we will never be able to keep up with the writer’s imagination of the perfect dad of whatever show has that one. Kids might even begin respecting the adults in their lives instead of believing every grown up is dull, stupid and uninformed.

I certainly don’t believe that an inanimate object like a TV is all of society’s woes, but wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have such a high dependency on this mind sucking box?
I don’t expect everyone to like what I am saying, and quite frankly, I hope to stir up some intelligent conversation, but this is my ranting and I get to say what I want. I think that individuals and families would be so much better without a “MIND-SUCKER” in the house. Next time you let the TV get turned on, watch how people react when you disrupt their “favorite” whatever…. YOU a person will be completely ignored and who gets the attention? Yep…, you've got it, The mind sucker … and another one (relationship) bites the dust.

::::Stepping down from ranting soap box:::::
What are your best and worst personality traits? Do you think your friends would agree?

Best Trait: Truthful

Worst Trait: Too Direct

Do my friends agree: Yes i think they would, but i also am learning from them to be gentle in speaking the truth and to blanket my directness with kindness and love. Life is a progression of lessons learned, and while i would love to arrive some day, it doesn't appear that we ever do.

Writer's Block: Sweat it out

Should physical education in schools be mandatory, and why?

I go back and forth with this issue, see here is the deal

I am all for daily exercise, but in a school setting and espcially when the class is taught in a mixed sex setting, the teachers lean toward teaching all about men dominated sports and so therefore i have a problem with that because i have a daughter in 8th grade. (I know that sentence was a run-on sentence). If equal time were given to teaching "female" sports then perhaps my problem would be solved.

Just last year during a teaching segment of flag football, my daughter was tackled, another girl had her breast brushed by a young boy trying to get the ball from her, and yet another girl was hit in the face with a disc golf frisbee, and the list goes on. Additionally, i have asked my daughter and she states catagorically, that she has NO interest what so ever to learn about football, basketball, soccer or disc golf.

I suspect that if the schools were teaching cheerleading as a sport, or aerobic dance, or perhaps ballet or Pilates,,, that there would be a huge uproar in the male community. Just sayin that equal time should be given to sports that are more appealing to girls OR split up the classes.


Writer's Block: Give it away now

What do you do with presents you receive and don't want? Do you donate, regift, or return?

I'm reminded of the Seinfield episode of "re-gifting" and this makes me laugh out loud. - Back to the question.

It really depends on the gift, for some, if i have no use at all for the gift, i still accept it with a graciousness and then do one of the following:

I donate some (which is a nice way of saying regift)

I re-gift some (which is a nice way of saying, "i didn't have time to go shopping, but here is this gift i didn't want and maybe you don't want it either so you can have a regift gift")

I return some (which is a nice way of saying, "thank you but no thank you, i'd rather have it in my size which is by the way 4 sizes smaller than this XXXL sweatshirt")

The real fact of the matter is this, if you bother to go out and purchase a gift, you should also bother to find out what is something your friend/sister/brother/relative/husband/child would want, and if you don't bother finding out what is pleasing to them, then for sure you shouldn't be bothered by their response.

Having said this, and all humor aside; it is still important to do so with a spirit of humility, someone did after all think of you and offer a gift.

Writer's Block: Over the top

Who would you consider the most overrated musician, and why?

Anyone who thinks more highly of them self than they ought is overrated, and that filters through all vocations, talents and levels of education.

It is amazing to me that the more letters behind a name, or the more lights on the marquee, the more highly esteemed a person is, but this same person can be void of all moral character, and spiritual depth and is still rewarded by popular vote and acceptance.

It does seem to me that we should take a stand no matter how odd it may be to our friends and family to not buy the CD, watch the program or pay to see the movie.

Standing up to be morally upright has never been easy and it is far more easy to click on the "mindless tube" and watch the latest episode of Glee, NCSI, 2 1/2 Men or whatever you tune into to turn off the TV and have an in-depth conversation with the person you say you love and adore.

As long as we default to allow someone else entertain our brains via TV, Movies/DVD's & endless handheld electronics and computers the more we will look to others to idolize and then we will have someone to tear to shreds with our words, with questions like this one...

Who exactly is the most overrated musician? The one who commands your attention away from your family and loved ones that's who.




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